Photos Not Transferring from Card

There are several factors to consider when an Eyefi Mobi card fails to upload photos. It's important to note that the only way files are automatically transferred from an Eyefi Mobi card is wirelessly. It does not matter what kind of device the card is plugged into; if the card is getting power, it will attempt to transfer files. We recommend the following steps if you're having trouble transferring photos from your Eyefi Mobi card.

Does the card recognize there are transfers pending?

Eyefi Mobi cards only transfer JPG photos. You may also need to make sure the images that have not yet transferred are in a supported folder.

Make sure the card has power

If you're having difficulty transferring files from your Eyefi Mobi card, make sure that your camera's power-management settings are adjusted so it does not power down immediately. Most cameras have the ability to adjust the amount of time before the camera cuts power to the card slot. Make sure to extend the amount of time the camera remains on to as long as possible via your camera's "Auto Power Off" setting. This will ensure that the card has power when it needs to transfer files.

Enable Wireless Transfers in Camera

Certain Eyefi Connected cameras disable the wireless functionality of your Eyefi card by default, which will prevent your Eyefi card from wirelessly transferring photos and videos. If your Eyefi Connected camera is failing to transfer photos, check to see if the Eyefi functionality of your card has been disabled. For Canon cameras, follow the instructions in Enable Wireless Transfers in Canon Cameras for more details. For Nikon cameras, follow the instructions in Enable Wireless Transfers in Nikon Cameras for more details.

Can the card connect to your smartphone or tablet?

When an Eyefi Mobi card is powered on in a camera it will attempt to transfer files to the smartphone or tablet it's paired with. It is important to be sure that your smartphone or tablet recognizes your Eyefi Mobi card. Follow the setup instructions for iPhone and iPad, Android, or Windows Phone to confirm that your smartphone or tablet recognizes your Eyefi Mobi card as a wireless network. If you are unable to add the Eyefi Mobi card as a network, then it is unlikely photos will transfer.

Range variability

When encountering wireless transfer failures from within your camera, move your camera closer to your smartphone or tablet. Take several JPG photos and wait for a minute or two to see if the card transfers the new photos.

If all else fails

If you have tried all of the above and still have yet to get your card to successfully transfer photos, it may be best to contact Eyefi Customer Care.