Incomplete, Slow, or Intermittent Uploads

You may experience incomplete, slow, or intermittent uploads under the following circumstances:

Out of range of your smartphone, tablet, or wireless network

When encountering wireless upload failures from your camera, move your camera closer to your smartphone or tablet. In general, if your camera is within a few yards of your smartphone or tablet, your Eyefi Mobi card will upload successfully. If you're having trouble transferring photos to Eyefi Mobi Desktop, your camera may be far from your router; try moving closer to the router.

In either case, move your camera closer to your phone, tablet, or router, take several photos, and then wait for a minute or two to see if the card uploads.

Your camera's power settings have not been adjusted

If your Eyefi Mobi card is not successfully uploading files while it's in your camera, make sure that your camera's power-management settings are adjusted so that the camera does not power-down immediately. Most cameras offer the option to adjust the amount of time before the camera cuts power to the card slot. Make sure to extend the amount of time the camera remains powered on to as long as possible via your camera's "Auto Power Off" setting. This will ensure that the card has power when it needs to upload files.