iPhone and iPad FAQ

Here is a list of common issues that Eyefi Mobi users encounter. If you have tried all of the solutions below and still cannot resolve your issue, please contact Eyefi Customer Care.

Why isn't my Activation code working?

Eyefi Mobi card Activation codes are case-sensitive; make sure you are entering all letters capitalized.

The Eyefi Mobi app displays information directly below the Activation code window as you enter information.

First, follow any suggestions in that information. If you still cannot resolve your issue, please contact Eyefi Customer Care. Be sure to include any error messages from the Eyefi Mobi app.

Can I add an Eyefi Mobi card to my existing account?

Eyefi Mobi cards are compatible with any existing Eyefi Mobi account. Follow these instructions for iPhone and iPad to add your Eyefi Mobi card to your existing Eyefi account.

Can I have more than one Eyefi Mobi card paired to my phone or tablet?

Yes, you can pair up to 20 Eyefi Mobi cards with your phone or tablet.

Why doesn't my camera recognize my Eyefi Mobi card?

If your Eyefi Mobi card is not recognized by your camera, please check to see if your camera is compatible with Eyefi Mobi cards. If your camera is not on the list of compatible cameras, please contact Eyefi Customer Care.

Why aren't my photos uploading from my Eyefi Mobi card?

There are several issues that may prevent your Eyefi Mobi card from effectively uploading to your iPhone or iPad. Please see the following articles for help troubleshooting upload issues:

How do I share photos from the Eyefi Mobi app?

Follow these instructions to share to online sharing sites (such as Facebook or Twitter) or via email.

How do I keep my screen from going dark?

  1. Tap the Menu button
  2. Tap the Settings icon
  3. Move the slider next to Prevent Sleep During Transfers to On