Data Recovery for Eyefi Mobi Cards

The Eyefi warranty does NOT provide for data recovery or reimbursement for data recovery services. This is specifically stated in our warranty. The Eyefi warranty covers the product itself, not any damages due to data loss.

Cards that mount or are recognized by a camera or computer

If your Eyefi card is still functional or is still recognized by your camera or computer, you can try using a data recovery program. There is a high probability that your data can be recovered after you get an error while using the card, accidentally format it, or delete files. We suggest using Rescue Pro and Rescue Pro Deluxe, developed and sold by LC Technology. LC Technology offers a free demo version of Rescue Pro and Rescue Pro Deluxe. These demo versions will show you what files can be recovered and provide a preview of the files for the most common picture file types. The demo versions will require purchase of a license key to enable the feature to save any recoverable files. This is an excellent way to see if the program will work before you purchase and LC Technologies is readily available to assist you with this program. After you recover your data, you can reformat your Eyefi Mobi card and use it again, or if you desire, contact Eyefi Customer Care regarding other options.


For non-functional Eyefi Mobi cards

If your Eyefi Mobi card is no longer functional or cannot be accessed by your computer, you will need to send it to a data recovery company. They can attempt to recover data from your Eyefi Mobi card. LC Technologies, the makers of Rescue Pro and Rescue Pro Deluxe, also provide data recovery services and may be able to assist you.