Network Disabled Because Internet Connection is Slow

The Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 3, and some other Samsung phones have a connection feature known as "Auto Network Switch" that may cause the "Network disabled because Internet connection is slow" error to occur. You will need to disable the "Auto Network Switch" setting in order for your Eyefi Mobi card to connect to your phone or tablet.

To do this:

  1. Open your phone's Settings
  2. Press the Menu button on the phone
  3. Select Advanced and scroll down to the Auto Network Switch option
  4. Uncheck the Auto Network Switch option
  5. Now exit the settings, take a few new pictures, and your device should connect to your Eyefi Mobi card's network and transfer photos

Other Android devices may have slightly different options. Look for "Check for internet service" or "Avoid poor networks" in your Wi-Fi and advanced Wi-Fi settings and make sure that these are also disabled. If you are still having an issue after applying this setting, please use our contact Eyefi Customer Care so they may assist you.